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Paddle shaped wooden sign
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We can make your Custom wood sign in nearly any shape and size you would like, to fit nearly any application you may
have. That's what truly makes our wooden signs "Custom". Many other's sell "custom wooden signs" which cannot be
customized. "What?" Or wooden signs that are available with a coice of only 1 or 2 fonts and styles. "seriously?"

If you have an idea for a Particular shape that you'd like, first see if you can locate a simple, clean(no watermarks) clip-art
image of the shape you want and E-mail it to us with the approximate size you would like it to be, or the budget you would
like to try to work within. Fairly simple shapes normally only cost about $10 more than our regular wooden signs of the same
approximate size. More complex shapes or pics that require a lot of "fixing" will be a little more.

This is an "Artwork" fee that goes to the design artist for cleaning up, rescaling, and converting your pic so it will work
within our software. The cleaner, simpler, and better quality your pic, the lower this fee will be. We will also be happy to
come up with a shape for you if you can't find a pic, don't have the time, or don't know where to search(Google Images is
a great place to start) but again, if you want us to find one for you, it may cost a little more due to the time it takes.

If you would like to design your own shape, such as a custom logo etc., all we ask is that you draw it using a decent design
program with a resolution of 300 or more.
And save it as a DXF file if possible. Don't use MS Paint as it has a max. resolution
of 96. Paint pics take an extremely large amount of cleaning up (usually complete redrawing) to make them usable.
Fish shaped custom wood signs are a great choice for that special Fisherman. They are also a unique choice for
Campsite Signs, Koi Pond Signs, Fishing Pond Signs, etc.. We can make these in a few other fish species and larger
sizes as well. Contact Us for a quote. The "Bass" is the most popular style because it has room for 2 lines of text
where many others will fit only one line.
The Batty Style custom wood sign is a fun design which is a nice choice for a single name sign to hang on a
bedroom door, club house, bat cave/man cave, etc.
The Tall Fancy Style custom wood sign is a classy design which will look rally great any place you choose to
display it. This style is a great choice for signs with text and graphics due to it's extra tall profile.
The Paddle Style Custom Wood Sign is a wonderful choice for nautically themed areas. This particular style
allows you the choice of straight text for hanging horizontally, or angled text for a little something different.
Surfboard shaped wood signs are a great choice for surfers, beach houses, piers, or any nautically themed area.
Misc. and Odd Shaped Wooden Signs Made to Order
Shown with angled text
Welcome to
Located in
Central Eastern
North Carolina
Bass Shaped Custom Wood Sign
Double Sided Trout or Salmon Shaped Address Plaque
State signs in nearly any state and nearly any size you would like.

State signs are a popular choice for camping signs, rv signs, tailgating signs for tailgating etc. State signs are a great way to show where you are
from, where you live now, to show off your state pride, or perhaps your favorite college or pro sports team.

Due to the many different shapes of the states, these are priced per square inch based on the size of the rectangular wood blank they are cut from.
We will always size the wood blank so you will get the most "Bang for your Buck"!

There are so many states and sizes available that it would be nearly impossible to price them all here.
Contact us with the approximate size you would like for a quote.
Order Paddle Shaped Wood Signs starting at only $44.95 Shipped
Catch your Fish Shaped Custom Wood Signs starting at only $47.95 Shipped
Get your Batty Shaped Custom Wood Signs starting at only $31.95 Shipped
Get your Tall Fancy Custom Wood Signs starting at only $49.95 Shipped
Get your surfboard Wood Signs starting at only $19.95 Shipped
All of the above sign styles can also be custom sized to fit your needs. Contact us for a quote.
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