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Any of the below graphics may be engraved into your Custom Wooden Sign to add to it's beauty and style and
personalize it even further for a fee of $10.00 each. Most graphics can be engraved as either an outline or filled in
as a silhouette. Just send us a note when you order if you prefer the opposite to what is pictured.
(The amount of available space on your wood sign will determine how large we can make the artwork engraving)

Don't see what you are looking for here?
Custom graphics or logos can also be engraved with prices starting at
just $10 each. The actual price will depend on the size and amount of detail. Most basic graphics similar to the ones
below will be just $10 however. For a quote, just
Contact us by E-mail with a simple, clean (no watermarks) clip art
type image or clean sketch. If we can work with it, we will be more than happy to use it on your sign and possibly
even add it to our gallery for future customers to choose from as well.......(
No copywrighted materials Please).......
More graphics will be added as we get new ideas.
Accents may also be added to really set your Custom Routed Wood Sign apart from the rest for an additional fee of
$4.00 per sign. Our designer will choose which accents look best for your particular application. We may use one or
more of the accents and underlines shown below. Accents can really make quite a difference to the appearance of
your custom wooden sign. We will always send you a picture of the final design for approval before actually creating
your Custom Wood Sign. ...........(No matter how many accents we use, the fee will be just $4.00 per sign.)............
Graphics and Accents
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Palm Tree
Heart 1
Pine Tree
Happy Sun
Yin Yang
Peace Sign
Paw Prints(2)
Fleur De Lis
(many breeds)
Pine Bough
Marshall Star
Dollar Sign
SF with stem
Boy Scouts
5 Oclock
State (specify)
Here are a few of the most common accents we use to make your wood sign unique.
We also have many breeds of dogs, many farm animals,
fish, butterflies, several different flowers, etc. Just let
us know what you are looking for and we will let you
know if we have it.
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