"Most Popular Fonts for our Wood Signs, Address Plaques"

The most popular V-Carved Fonts used for wooden signs
Most popular coreboxed wooden sign fonts
Other coreboxed wooden sign fonts
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Unlike many other sign makers, JRWOODSIGNS does not limit the number of characters you can use on your Custom
Routed Wood Sign.(or charge by the character) but please remember, the more you use, the smaller they will have
to be in order to properly fit. Obviously, our larger signs will hold more characters than our smaller signs and plaques.
NOTE: Corebox Cutting Style Requires
the use of one of these Single Line Fonts.
This is a short list of Some of Our Most Popular V-Carved Fonts
These are some of the fonts that we V-Carve but resemble the
Coreboxed cutting style due to them having equal width lines.
(We can rout nearly any Windows fonts you prefer)
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Not sure which font you would like? Let our designers choose it for you. Just send us a "note to seller" when you place your order letting us
know if there is a particular sign sample you like, or you can also let us know what message you would like your wood sign to convey. This
can be a simple note such as "Make it Rustic", "Western", "Classy", "Whimsical", "Script", "Comical", "Simple","For Kids", "Irish", etc..

You can also simplify the design process by letting us know in a "note to seller" when you check out, if you would like any part of the text
larger or smaller than the rest, or whether you would like the teks straight, curved, or maybe angles upwards or downwards.

Many folks have trouble deciding with so many choices available. Most simply choose to leave it up to our designers. After all, that's what
they do, design. They will come up with something special for you using one of our most popular fonts and a layout that looks and works
best for the text and the style or shape of the sign you have chosen.

....We will always send a design proof for your approval before actually carving or routing your wood sign so PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL!...

You may choose nearly any windows font you'd like. If you choose a font that is not on our sign designer's
computer, the designer may choose to use a similar font in place of the originally chosen one. Our designer's computer
has more fonts than most so this is almost never an issue. We will send you a "Design Proof" for approval before
actually creating your personalized wood sign.
...............Please keep an eye on your E-mail as proofs are normally sent within 1 business day.................
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