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Logo for JRWOODSIGNS custom wooden signs
JRWOODSIGNS Address Plaques feature your address numbers routed into your choice of Eastern or Western Red
Cedar, and include black painted text and a coat of the same premium Cedar Tinted Alkyd oil and resin based finish
that we use on our "Exterior" custom wood signs. For more information, please visit our
F.A.Q. Page.

Our Address Plaques are available with your choice of two distinctive routing styles.

The first routing style is Coreboxed(cut with a rounded bit) which makes the text very uniform in thickness, giving
your address plaque a nice "Rustic" appearance. The coreboxed style also makes the text very easy to read at a
glance or from a distance(such as while driving). This is the most popular choice for address plaques. The number of
fonts that can be used for this cutting style however, is limited to only a hand full. To see the selection of available
fonts which can be used for the Coreboxed routing style,
please click here.

The second routing style is V-Carved(V-bit) which allows you the choice of nearly any font you'd like and gives your
address plaque a more "Classy" look. This choice is better for matching your address plaque or plaques to a new or
existing Custom Wood Sign.

Below, you will see many of the different Address Plaques we offer. We also do custom shapes and sizes. If you have
something different or unique in mind, Please
Contact Us for a quote.

Many of our
Custom Wood Signs can also be used as Address Plaques if you need a larger size or if you prefer to
have more information on your Routed Cedar Address Plaque. This includes Graphics, larger text, street or family
names, etc. This is also the best choice for matching your address plaque to a new or existing Custom Wood Sign.
Address Number Plaques
These inexpensive Cedar Number Plaques will mount directly to a 4 x 4 wooden mailbox post. Features include the Corebox routing style, a
matching border, black text, and a coat of Premium finish. They measure 3 1/2 " wide with 3" tall numbers. (All Measurements are Approximate)
Note: We've had a few requests recently for 4" tall numbers on these. If you would prefer 4" tall numbers, just order the next larger
size and send us a note when you checkout specifying that you would like 4" numbers instead of 3" numbers
(MB2) 2 number (9" tall)
(MB3) 3 number (13" tall)
(MB4) 4 number (17" tall)
(MB5) 5 number ( 21" tall)
Due to many customers ordering 2 or more of these
numbered address plaques(one for each side of their mailbox post or fence posts)
We now offer a discount on additional ones ordered at the same time(same # only).
Get 2 for
Get 2 for
Get 2 for
Get 2 for
The Routed Address Plaques below are also available in double-sided (same design) versions
for hanging under your mailbox or from a pole, fence, or other hanging device.
Small Routed Cedar Address Plaques measure approximately 5"-5 1/2" tall by 13"-15" long with 1 line of 3" tall numbers only.

Medium Routed Address Plaques measure approximately 7" tall by 18" long and can include Extra Large (4 1/2"-5" tall) numbers
only, or 3" tall numbers with a street or family name above or below, Graphics, or any combination.

Large Routed Wood address Plaques measure approximately 9" tall by 20-23" long and can be customized in the same manner as
the medium address plaques, but with more room for larger numbers, text, and Graphics.

..................We recommend a minimum of 3" tall numbers for Address Plaques for good visibility...................
Lg. "ELLIPTICAL" address plaque(coreboxed)
Med."ELLIPTICAL" address plaque
(V-Carved, Extra large 4 1/2" tall numbers)
Med."ELLIPTICAL" address plaque(V-Carved)
Small "OVAL" address plaque(coreboxed)
Small "Rectangle" address plaque(coreboxed)
Small "LOG" address plaque(coreboxed)
Small "JAGGED" address plaque
(Pocketed, to match a custom wood sign)
Medium "CHIPPED" address plaque(V-Carved
Large "CHIPPED" address plaque
Large "LOG" address plaque
(V-Carved, 2 Graphics, $10.00 extra)
Medium "TOPPER" address plaque
(V-Carved, Eastern Cedar)
Address Plaques are available in three main sizes. Custom Sizes are also Available, please Contact Us for a Quote.
Small "TROUT"(many custom shapes possible)
address plaque(coreboxed)
Small Address Plaques:
ONLY $31.95 Shipped
Medium Address Plaques:
ONLY $47.95 Shipped
Large Address Plaques:
ONLY $74.95 Shipped
Order your Custom Routed Wooden Address Plaques Here!
Please double check your #'s for accuracy when ordering
as we normally
Do Not send a design proof (unless
requested) for these before routing them.
Please watch your Email as we WILL send a "Design Proof" of these address plaques
for your approval before actually routing them.(normally within 24 hours or less)
Newspaper Box/Address Plaque/Mailbox support combo
This custom routed Newspaper box/address plaque/Mailbox support mounts directly to a 4x4 post. Your mailbox then mounts directly to the top
of it. Your address numbers are deeply routed into both sides with a corebox cutting style. Your address numbers will be at least 4" tall, making
them very easy to read. The mailbox support combo has an open front made to hold a newspaper while providing support for your mailbox. This
makes setting up a mailbox very simple. All you need is a normal inexpensive 4x4 instead of building or buying an expensive pre-made mailbox
post.(Includes screws for mounting to your post) This mailbox support/address plaque/newspaper box measures approximately 5 1/2" tall, 5"
wide, and 21 1/2" long.The newspaper opening is approx. 3 1/2"wide by 4"tall and 16 to 18" deep.
Order your Combo Address plaque here!
Combo Address Plaque $89.95 shipped
Design Proof
Actual Sign
Address Plaques
Topper style shown
with Eastern Cedar
and V-Carved Text
V-Carved text is available on these for an additional $2 per order. All sizes are also available in the new "Topper" style shown.
These are also available in styles to compliment our other routed wood signs(log shown)for just a few dollars more.
Contact us for a quote
Very Easy To Read at a Glance
Classy look with many font choices
The Different Routing Styles
The "Topper" Special!
We have come up with the "Topper" Special to really make your address easy to find. This is especially important in the case of a 911
emergency. The Topper Special includes
2 Topper style number plaques with 2,3,4, or 5 routed numbers and a Medium Double Sided
"Topper" for your mailbox. These include your choice of coreboxed or V-Carved text. All for only
$99.95 shipped.
a $25 savings over ordering separately!!
These prices include Shipping(to the lower 48 states)
Order Your Address Number Plaques Here!
V-Carve with any font
for just $2 more!
$99.95 Shipped!
Address Plaques for Individual Units, Apartments, Stables, Etc.
These square plaques measure approx. 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" with two 3"+ horizontal numbers. These number plaques are fantastic for distinguishing the
individual units of town homes, comdominiums, apartments or any building with multiple addresses or units. These beautiful wooden number plaques
have also been popular as Routed Horse Stable Signs to identify the individual stalls as well.
Starting at only $15.95 each shipped.
We offer Discounts on orders of 6 or more.
Chipped with Offset Border
No Border
Offset Border
Rounded Corners
Coreboxed with Border
V-Carved with Border
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