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Coreboxed routing
V-Carved routing style
Coreboxed Matching Border
V-Carved Matching Border
Unfinished Western Red Cedar Wood
Unfinished Eastern Cedar wood
Finished Western red Cedar Wooden Sign
Finished Eastern Cedar Wooden Sign
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V-Carved Cutting Style
When people think about traditional carved wood signs, this is most likely what they think
of. The text is routed into the surface of the sign, using a "V" shaped bit leaving the walls of
the letter angled to meet in the center of the letter. This forms a "V" shaped cross-section.
V-Carved wood signs have more detail and can be cut with a variety of different fonts,
giving the customer the most dimensional value for the money. Nearly all of our V-Carved
Custom Routed wood signs will come with a matching chamferred border except of course
special styles such as "Log" or "Flip Flop" which look best without the border.
Coreboxed Cutting Style
Coreboxed wood signs are cut with a rounded bit which leaves a nice smooth look to the
lettering and a uniform width making them very easy to read from a distance. The corebox
style lends a more rustic appeal to wood signs which is especially fitting for camping signs,
farm signs, playground signs, etc. This style is also a great choice for signs that people will
be reading at a glance, or while driving past them. The coreboxed routing style is a fantastic
choice for address plaques. However, the number of fonts available for corebox cutting is
limited to only a few "single Line" type choices. Most of our Coreboxed Custom Routed Wood
Signs will come with a matching border except for special styles such as "Log" or "Flip Flop"
which look best without the border.
Matching Borders to compliment the routing style
We offer two distinctively different routing styles, V-carved and Coreboxed.
Western Red Cedar is lighter in color than Eastern Cedar, only slightly darker than pine or spruce with a
similar, but more defined grain pattern. It has all of the properties above, making it right at home in the outdoors.
Western Red Cedar is a fine choice for wood signs or wood plaques that will be displayed indoors as well.
Most of our competitors sell their signs UNFINISHED or use POLY-URETHANE type finishes.
Urethane finishes lay on top of the wood rather than penetrating into it. Over time, poly's will yellow and peel away
from the wood, allowing the wood to turn gray in a very short period of time. Some offer SPAR Urethanes which have
much better moisture protection than regular Poly's but still don't compare to the PREMIUM FINISH that we use.
Choose Eastern or Western Red Cedar for your Personalized Wood Signs.
You will be able to choose when you receive your design proof
We use only the best finishes on our Exterior Custom Routed Wood Signs.
The text on your Exterior Custom Routed Wood Sign will be painted black. It will then be sanded and treated to a
generous coating of our Premium Finish which is a Cedar tinted, blend of
Alkyd Resin and Oils which
penetrates into the wood
to provide your custom wood sign with superior protection against the elements.

This finish starts with superb
water repellent properties to keep moisture out and guard the wood further
against warping and checking. This finish also contains an
Anti-Fungal agent with properties to further prevent
rot and decay. It then goes a step further by adding a
UV Inhibitor to help protect the wood from the sun's
damaging rays, significantly slowing the aging or "graying" process. ("3-5 years with direct exposure to the
elements" According to the manufacturer). A little light sanding and another coat of finish every few years and
your sign will look brand new again.

This finish is not shiny. It will leave your custom routed wood sign looking very natural. The finish will then
slowly weather over time with the wood to maintain a natural wood hue.

We personally recommend displaying your Custom Wood Sign on a porch or under an overhang (in a spot with at
least partial protection from the sun) whenever possible to keep it looking beautiful for the longest possible
period of time.

Some people prefer the gray or "AGED" look. If you would prefer your custom wood sign to turn gray in a shorter
period of time, please send us a note when you checkout to "Paint the text but leave Unfinished".
Unfinished Western Red Cedar
Finished Western Red Cedar
Our Cedar Interior Wood Signs and Plaques will be finished in the same manner as our
Exterior wood signs.
Shipping and Turnaround Times
We don't like surprises while checking out any more than you do so, During our Current SPECIAL, All
of Our Prices Include FREE Priority Shipping to the lower 48 States!! (a $6-$20 Savings!)

We will be happy to ship outside of the states for an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote.

We ship most packages(except a few of our smallest one's) USPS Priority Mail (2-5 days). It usually takes just a
few days
from the time we receive your approval for your Custom Wood Sign or Plaque to be routed,
painted, sanded, and finished. Sometimes finishing time is slightly longer due to high humidity slowing the
drying time. Rest assured that JRWOODSIGNS will get your wood sign shipped to you as quickly as we possibly
can without compromising quality. Normally, you will receive your order within
7 to 10 days. Sometimes in only
a few days, especially with quick design approval from you and an East coast shipping destination. Due to the
many different sizes of wooden signs, we make our own boxes from reclaimed or recycled cardboard. They may
not always be the prettiest boxes but it keeps some stuff out of the land fills and also keeps costs down which
saves you a few bucks on the price of your custom routed Cedar wood signs!
Eastern Cedar, also known as "Aromatic Cedar" is the species most commonly used for cedar chests, closet
linings, coat racks, and shoe trees due to it's wonderful aroma. Eastern Cedar is darker than Western Cedar with
much more of a "red" tone. It usually has light streaks within the grain making making it a beautiful wood for
signs and plaques. Left unfinished, Eastern Cedar will also act as a natural air freshener which is perfect for
helping with those "manly" odors emanating from the "Man Cave" or odors associated with pet areas. When the
"air freshening" quality subsides, all you have to do is rub it lightly with a piece of fine sandpaper(on the back or
edges preferably) and it's wonderful natural aroma will return. Eastern Cedar also has the same properties as
Western, such as a natural ability to resist moisture, decay and insect damage, as well as warping, and checking
or cracking. It is also an ideal choice for Wood Signs that will be exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. I
personally prefer to use unfinished Eastern Cedar over Western for interior signs and plaques due to it's more
beautifully defined grain patterns and wonderful aroma.
Cedar shares nearly all of the same desirable properties as Redwood but is much more readily available and
therefore is more practical as well as economical. Cedar is one of the world's most durable woods. It's natural
beauty combined with it's ability to resist moisture, decay and insect damage has made it the premier choice
for both interior and exterior use. Cedar has double the stability of most commonly available softwoods.
It lies flat, stays straight, and holds fastenings tightly. If left unfinished, Cedar will slowly weather over time to
a beautiful silvery color. If you prefer this "aged" look, which many people do, please be sure to send us a note
to leave your personalized wood sign unfinished. This aging process will still happen with finished wood signs
but the process will take a much longer period of time. Cedar's natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect
damage make it ideal for Wood Signs that are exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round. Properly cared
for, Cedar will last for decades, even in the harshest environments.
Unfinished Eastern Cedar
Finished Eastern Red Cedar
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